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Any time an individual is facing a complicated legal concern, it is important that they seek the counsel of a trusted and understanding attorney. At the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch, we have experience in providing outstanding representation to our clients, and we may be able to assist you as well. Founding lawyer, Mr. Bulloch, has over 20 years of mediation experience, and when you work with his firm, he will diligently strive to help you obtain the best possible resolution to your unique situation. Regardless of the concern that you may be fronted with, the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch may be able to help!

When you retain the representation of our office, we will take the time to get to know you, your situation, and your needs, and we will assist you in developing an individualized strategy to your case. We believe that protecting each client’s interests is important and being honest and upfront with our clients can help them have realistic expectations for their case. By working with a mediator, you can avoid lengthy and costly litigations and have an active participation in the outcome of your situation.

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Are you ready to move forward with your case? When you retain the guidance of our firm, we will do everything in our power to help you achieve the resolution that you deserve. We pride ourselves in being able to identify with our clients on an emotional level and we always offer nothing by the most compassionate, positive services. We encourage potential clients to take advantage of our around-the-clock availability, reasonable rates and free consultations by contacting the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch today and scheduling an appointment with a Sonoma County mediation professional. Our firm is easily reached by dialing 707-237-2140

Attorney Services

Divorce lawyer in california

Divorce Lawyer

Just about every case is different and just about every situation deserves an individualized approach to make sure that the client’s requirements are appropriately met.

Family law issues are complicated for anyone, they can be particularly complicated for people in same-sex relationships. Whether you are going through a dissolution of a domestic partnership or concerned about any other family law, our Divorce Attorneys are very sensitive to these issues.

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Mediation Services

For a number of people and families, mediation might be the right choice for them. Mediation can really help people conquer a number of legal complications ranging from business concerns, to personal injury, to family law issues and even civil lawsuits. At the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch, our founding attorney has six years of mediation experience and might be able to assist you to reach an amicable resolution for your case. Mediation will work for anyone and at the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch, we work to be sure that each individual’s rights and interests are protected.

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Child Custody Attorney

Sometimes the most amicable of cases can quickly become stressful when children, visitation, and support problems are brought up. The laws and regulations governing child custody in California can be difficult to understand and without the assistance of an expert, you might find yourself facing an uphill battle. Some family law courts will demand that couples who are undergoing separation or divorce initially try to work through their differences via mediation or counseling.

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Bankruptcy Attorney

Unpaid debt can be an overwhelming concern and many people have no idea where to turn or who to trust to make sure that they receive a favorable outcome. At the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch, we understand that when you are struggling to make ends meet, you might experience a burden to handle the problem swiftly. When you seek advise from a Sonoma County lawyer from our firm, we will instantly begin to investigate your situation and develop an individualized technique to help you obtain the absolute best solution for your bankruptcy needs.

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mediation in santa rosa

Wills and Trusts

Determining what will happen to your residence, your financial assets, and your personal property after your passing can be a strenuous process. However, if you don’t take the time to make these decisions and act now, a local court may end up dividing property and assets for you. Rather than leaving such important decisions to the courts, get the assistance you need to make the correct decisions concerning your will and living trust by contacting the Law Offices of Kent Bulloch today.

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Restraining Orders

We realize that protecting yourself and your family members is vital to you and, with the guidance of a Sonoma County mediation lawyer from our team, you can trust that your case is in good hands. In most situations, victims seek temporary or permanent restraining orders to bar their alleged abuser from coming into contact with themselves or their children. If you happen to be seeking a restraining order and you really do not want to go to court to confront your abuser, mediation could be a good option for you.

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What our clients are saying


“I was very happy with Kent's service. I hired him to help me get divorced and he walked me through the process and it seemed easier working with him. I highly recommend him for anyone in the same situation I was in. Fair price and a nice guy too.”

- Michael Smith. Oct. 20, 2017

"My name is Sandra Howarth. I have been a client of Kent's for several years now. I will be eternally grateful to Kent and his staff for successfully navigating the messy waters of my divorce. Best of all, Kent gave me a low flat fee for the whole 20-month divorce process. I would estimate that my ex spent 10 to 15 times as much as I did. Kent is one of the smartest people I know, but more important, one of the nicest. Even my ex loves him. Kent functions as well as a good family therapist. I should know; I am one. Best believe this adds immeasurably to his success as your advocate."

Sandra Howarth. May 27, 2014

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